Monday, 29 July 2013

Park life

Summer holidays can be a very expensive time of the year and the kids are always pestering me to take them out. One of my favorite places to go is the park; its local, free and there are so many things you can do there.

I'm very lucky that my local park is Dulwich park, it never seems overly packed like other large parks can get as soon as the sun comes out, it is clean and safe and it has a great play area for all aged children.

Today we bought the scooter and badminton rackets to keep the kids occupied.

Kieron doesn't get to use his scooter very often as he is quite clumsy and after going on it down a hill and not being able to stop I've been worried about him going on the roads with it, however the park is mostly even and he was riding on the grass so there wasn't much chance of him doing any damage!

It was a pretty windy day so the game of badminton didn't go quite to plan. Kyra spent most of the time standing around bored as the shuttlecock was blowing everywhere except in her direction.

When the kids finished in the normal swings and slide park they decided to use the exercise equipment. These are very popular with the kids,I suppose they feel grown up using all the types of keep fit equipment and its good for them so I think they should put these in all parks!

We finished off our trip to the park with the old fashioned pastime of climbing trees, oh and not forgetting posing for pictures.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Busy as a bee

I set up this blog because being a mum means I'm super busy, although some people have the perception that I sit around all day eating chocolate (sometimes I do)
Being super busy means I would have loads to share, and I promise I do have loads to share it's just that I'm too busy (and exhausted) to actually sit down and put all the words together. I'm sure all you bloggers know that all the exciting things that happen in our lives is a potential blog post and I have so many ideas of things I want to put on here but then the moment passes or its not relevant anymore and so it just doesn't happen...

Well now is the summer holidays which means 7 weeks off work for me! Exciting much, but I'm sure they will pass by really quickly so I've got to make the most of them.
I will be keeping my kids busy with day trips out and a holiday to Spain and will have loads of time on my hands to take photos and post on my blog so no excuses!!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Im going to be a grandma!!

I wrote my bucketlist earlier this year and expressed that one day I would like to become a grandmother, I mean bucketlists are like a to-do list of your whole life and thinking waaaay into the future (just the term grandma makes me think of being around 70!) I thought it is actually something I'm looking forward to being.

My eldest child is 15 so I'm very pleased to announce that none of my biological children are actually expecting a baby!

When I met the man, many moons ago- 17 years to be exact, he introduced me to a very sweet little 4 year old... his daughter. Who is now Miss 21!

They were very close and she would stay with him every other weekend and when he and I moved in together she continued to stay over weekends and holidays. Being  a sweet natured and placid girl she is a lot like me so we get on very well, although as like many children with step parents we did go through the 'you're not my mum, you can't tell me what to do' stage at around the age of 7 but I think that is to be expected and not taken to heart.

Growing up we saw less and less of Miss 21, as she started secondary school and was busy with all the extra curricular activities that go along with it. Then turning into a teenager and wanting to spend all her free time with her friends. More recently starting work and I suppose just busy having a life, not sure myself what that's like as I was a mum of 3 by the age of 21!!

Everytime Miss 21 does visit us she is questioned by the man, particularly about whether or not she has a boyfriend and the answer is always 'no' I'm sure that's because he has always said since she was little that shes not allowed a boyfriend until she is 30.

So it came as quite a surprise when we get a phone call the other day to say not only is she expecting but the baby is due pretty soon :-o

I can imagine how nerve wracking it was to pick up the phone and call her dad to tell him the news but he was very reassuring that she should have called sooner and he would never be disappointed in her, although it was a slightly different story when he came off the phone and was none too pleased... probably at the thought of becoming a grandad!!

All I know is that recently I was feeling broody (maybe my instincts were telling me there was a new baby coming into the family) but now my mind is definitely made up and I do not want to be having children with the next generation. My Implanon implant has just expired and I'm going to call the doctors first thing tomorrow to get a new one put in!
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