About me

A few things you may want (or not want) to know about me:

  • I became a mum of 4 by the age of 25 and now at age 33 I still don't know what I'm doing!
  • I like to drink coffee and eat... anything really, I just like eating.
  • I think I'm allergic to alcohol as I get this tingly feeling in my jaw whenever I drink or it may just be the shock of drinking as it doesn't happen very often.
  • I'm lazy
  • I'm a taurean.. which is my excuse for being lazy (its one of our traits)
  • I was born in South London but grew up in North and East London and now live in South London again... basically I'm a Londoner!
  • I like to watch escape to the country and dream of doing just that.
  • I like logical things.. games, puzzles, quizzes..
  • I love to read books.
  • I suffer from sleep paralysis, basically I sometimes wake up from my sleep before my body has and I cant move. (quite scary)
  • I have only had 1 proper boyfriend who I have been with since aged 17, that's nearly 16 long years (some people do less time for murder!) but I don't believe in marriage.
  • I prefer cats to dogs
  • I have never wanted to be famous and hate being in the spotlight, some may even class me as shy.. until they get to know me!
  • I'm Anglo-Indian (mum is English, dad is Indian)
  • Ive never met my dad and have no desire to find him but I would like to find out if I have more siblings.
  • My favourite pastime is to snuggle on the sofa with my babies and watch movies.

So that's me, let me tell you a bit about my brood...

Jamal is 15, obsessed with computer games, eats loads but is skinny as a rake! He is highly intelligent but extremely lazy. Wants to go to Oxford university and become a journalist, maybe he can teach this amateur a thing or two about writing!

Jasmin is 14, loves baking and wants to own her own bakery one day, although she doesn't make enough cake for my liking! She is obsessed with Barbie and Youtube, she likes to watch vlogs and actually got me into reading blogs... its all her fault!

Kyra is 11, she is a very girly girl, always the first one awake in the morning and will get ready without being constantly shouted at (unlike the rest) She loves school and anything arts and crafts, she could sit in her room for hours making things although she is very reluctant to clean it all up afterwards!

Kieron is 8, he is my baby...Argh. Just as obsessed with computer games as his big brother although you would never catch them playing together because, well basically they don't really like each other!
He is very clever, could read fluently from reception and is the top of his class in maths but you would never know from reading his school books because you couldn't understand a word that he's wrote... needs handwriting practice!


  1. Hi Tracey! Just discovered your blog through #OurLondon - I'm living in SE with my little family at the moment. Lovely blog and also had to comment because I too used (touch wood at used!) to suffer from sleep paralysis, really terrifying and I had no idea why it started nor why it appears to have stopped. Always interested to meet people who suffer from it too! Becky


    1. Hi Becky, Thanks for stopping by #ourlondon is great for finding other London bloggers :)
      I wrote a post a couple of months back about my experience of sleep paralysis, I am interested in how it affects other people as well.


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