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I love photography and ever the optimist I like to think of all the positives things that are happening in life rather than focus on the negative, so that has led me to the idea of posting a picture that represents something positive that has happened in my week.

I was going to do this myself but thought it would be nice to spread a bit of positivity and open up the idea for all you lovely 'glass half full' bloggers to join in.

So if you are wondering what kind of photos can be posted, here are a few ideas:

Something that has put a smile on your face
A special person
A place you have visited
Something you have made...

And I'm sure there are loads of other things you can think of!

The only rules are that you do not use anyone else's photos or upload random pics from the Internet. The photo needs to have been taken in the week running up to when it is posted and you do not post any quotes (I love a quote as much as the next person but I think there are already enough of them around)

You can write as little or as much as you like to explain your picture or you can leave it all to the imagination, its totally up to you!

To join in grab the badge below and link up to the weekly post on my blog. The linky will be open from Saturday morning until Sunday evening so you have the whole weekend to share your positivity...

To share on Twitter please use #pospicofweek

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