Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tax doesn't have to be taxing

But if you're waiting for a rebate it bloody well is!

I noticed a mistake on my payslip last October, it was just something small but I mentioned it to the lady in the office at work. After rectifying the problem she gave my payslip back and told me she noticed I was paying emergency tax and shouldn't be, she then advised me to call my local tax office and have it changed. She said I may even be due money back as they were taking too much!

GREAT NEWS, I was due a rebate! (I've never had 1 of those before)

So the guy on the phone tells me that I'm actually due 3 payments covering 3 tax years as the previous 2 years I didn't have a permanent job and had been left on the temporary tax code.
So the payment covering this year (which is actually now last year as we've just passed the new tax year) would be paid with my wages but the other 2 payments would be sent by cheque. I didn't really care about waiting at the time, I was grateful to be receiving an unexpected payment especially as it was due right before Christmas.

Before my wages (with the extra £700 or so) had even gone into my account I had already mentally spent most of it on all the festive goodies and kids Christmas presents. I was still expecting the 2 cheques which would total around £900 but thought it would be better for them to arrive in the new year as I would be more sensible and spend the money on bills and essentials.

New year arrives and I'm thinking it's taking a bit of time for these cheques, maybe I should give them a call and find out where the are??
Apparently they had been sent out in November and as I still hadn't received them they would have to cancel those and issue them again, a process that they inform me, takes 6 whole weeks to do!

It's mid February (6 weeks on) and still no cheques so I phone back the tax office. I'm told that they were sent out in January and I should have received them by now... same old story! So I ask the lady on the phone if it's possible to just transfer the money into my bank account?
I can, but only if I write a letter requesting them to do so with my bank account details as they are unable to take these over the phone. Why?! If I was to phone you up to pay tax I'm sure you would be happy to take my bank details then! But I don't argue with the lady because I know she's only doing her job and doesn't make up the rules.

I send the letter and wait a couple of weeks before phoning to check if they had actually received it. I'm told that they had just got the letter that day and it was being dealt with, the money would be in my account within 2 weeks.

So now it's mid march and I'm checking my account each day to see if the money has been transferred. As I know the money is due I'm now relying on it to pay certain things and so finding it quite annoying that it's not been put in the bank.
Back on the phone, explaining the situation for the umpteenth time only to be told that the payment has been sent... by cheque... again!!
I asked the guy why it had been sent by cheque again when they had already told me it was going to be put in my account. According to him they never put payments into accounts but they can send the cheque to the banks address and let them put it into your account... never heard anything like it!

Anyway now its a month on from then and guess what? Yes thats right, still no cheque!!

Im wondering how much the Inland Revenue would fine me if they sent me a tax bill and 5 months on they hadn't got their money?

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