Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Superhero race

I was dressed as Mrs Incredible!
On Sunday I woke unusually early, (5:48 to be precise!) in anticipation of running a 5k charity race for which I felt completely unprepared...apart from the outfit.

I was running with a group of colleagues for the charity School-Home Support.
Their statement:
School-Home Support works with some of the most troubled families in the country, to get children back in to school and ready to learn whatever it takes. Our practitioners work to support families who are coping with complex problems such as; domestic violence, mental heath, bullying, poverty and severe housing issues.
I'm pleased to say we raised over £1000 for the charity and we all survived.
I know 5k isn't exactly a marathon but to a beginner like myself it was a challenge. As it was a fun run with children also invited to take part it meant that I didn't feel like I was cheating when I got out of breath and had to walk in between the running.
The best part of running for charity (apart from raising lots of money) is knowing that I can finally cross something off my Bucket list.
 After the run, very sweaty and red!

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