Saturday, 5 October 2013

A rare night out

I haven't put a post up for a little while now as I just haven't done anything very exciting, so as I had a rare night out recently I thought I would share.

It was the man's birthday last week and a friend invited us out to celebrate, so we threw caution to the wind and took a trip to a restaurant... on a school night!
There were 5 of us that went and we had a table booked at the swanky OXO tower in London.

We got there early evening when it was still light out and there was a lovely view of the Southbank and the river Thames, its just a shame it was quite grey as it would have been nice to sit outside and eat.

I must say I struggled to find anything on the menu that was to my taste as when I usually go out its to the local wimpy or TGI Friday and I'm used to ordering a big fat burger with a side of fries but these were not on offer. The food was more elegant than I'm used to but its nice to go a bit up market once in a while!!
For starters I had deep fried soft shell crab. Main course was corn-fed chicken breast with mashed parsnips and a few other things... you know how they just pile things up in the middle of the plate. For dessert I had a bitter chocolate and blonde tart with a strawberry sorbet. Even though its not my usual it was all very delish and I would certainly go back for more (If I become highly successful, win the lottery or someone else is paying) I wont say what the bill came to but lets just say including all the champagne and cocktails it cost more than my beloved W reg Fiat Punto!!

I would have had loads of pictures of the culinary delights and the views to share with you if the man wasn't such a man and didn't leave the memory card for the camera at home!! Unfortunately my phone is from the stone ages and not sure if it even takes photos so the experience will have to stay in my memory and I hope it will be a lovely memory for the man of his birthday.

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