Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Prime 5 - Pastimes

Tantrums and Glitter

Time does pass us by way too quickly and it's nice to have a spare minute to do the things we enjoy at some point during the day. When I have spare time this is how I like to spend it....

Reading - I have not done as much of it as I would like this year but it is nice and relaxing to have a read before bedtime or on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Cross Stitch - It is very time consuming and sometimes takes me months or even years to finish a project but I love to watch the picture come to life as I am sewing each cross. I often wait until I know I have spare time, such as a school holiday to really get stuck in as it is easy to put the sewing away in a draw and forget about it.

Candy Crush - Unfortunately I am still addicted to this stupid game and have now started with the soda version too! I am currently on level 782 and would like it if they could stop making levels so I can move on with my life!

Social Media - When I am at work or college I am very good at not checking social media sites...okay it may have something to with them actually being blocked on the network so I am not actually able to connect to them! But when I get home I cannot help myself. If I am not on Twitter, then I'm on Facebook, then I may have a look at a few pins on Pinterest, then I may write a blog post or read somebody else's blog post and then It will start all over again like a vicious cycle, all while doing the laundry, cooking dinner and acting as referee between the kids fighting of course!

Art - I have recently got into fashion illustration, mostly looking at others work but I do like to draw and love working with watercolours. It is a great pastime to do with the kids as they can draw, paint or make whatever they like and do not need any specific skills to do so.

Those are my prime 5 pastimes,what are yours? 
Write a blog post with your top 5 pastimes and come and join in via the linky below, it is open for a whole month so no need to rush!

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