Sunday, 12 April 2015

Putting my face back on

I do love the holidays for doing nothing much, catching up on things that need doing and just lounging around the house. I am glad that my kids are old enough to keep themselves entertained and have been out to all sorts of places with their friends. I am also glad that I have a job and go to college during term time otherwise I fear I may turn into a bit of a recluse and sit and watch call the midwife everyday!

It has only dawned on me at the end of the Easter holidays that throughout the past two weeks I have not used any cosmetics, not even nail varnish! I haven't worn a single piece of jewellery, not even earrings and I normally wear them everyday! I haven't even taken any notice of what clothes I have put on each morning, just grabbing the first comfortable thing I see out of the wardrobe.

I have left the house, but nowhere of any purpose that I have felt the need to look presentable and it has been nice to not have to worry about my appearance. Looking in the mirror however, I do feel plain and dull and like I need to brighten myself up a bit.

Summer term is my favourite time, everything is fresh and bright, everybody seems happier and I don't even mind doing playground duty as I get to top up my tan while outside... nothing like multitasking! I only have ten weeks left of college and we can all count down to the summer holidays...yay!

So tomorrow, although it's the end of the holidays I will smile, put my face back on, and be ready for what is ahead!

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