Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sweet sentiment

Came home from work yesterday, shattered at having to walk the mile and a half home because the car has broke down.. and I've only just put the new tax on it!
Slumped down on the sofa and my daughter tells me I look depressed, "no I'm just tired, can you go to the shop and get some milk for coffee?" I asked her. surprisingly I'm not met with "I'm too tired" "can't Jamal (older brother) do it" or another 'I'm so hard done by' statement.
On her return she brings me a cup of coffee and a big bar of galaxy chocolate telling me she spent her last bit of money on it because she thought I needed cheering up.
My moody teen was obviously in a good mood, it's just a shame I'm on a diet otherwise I would have eaten the whole thing!
Now just to practice that 'depressed' look for the next time I fancy some chocolate...

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