Sunday, 3 March 2013

This is me!

Im Tracey or sometimes Tracie, but never Tracy! Have to have an 'e'
Im 33 and 3 quarters although I sometimes get mistaken for a teenager.. happening less fequently with the onset of wrinkles and grey hair.

I went from being a teenage mother to the mother of a teen (or 2 to be precise) in the blink of an eye and also have 2 tweenagers (8 and 10) along for the ride.
Most of my blog will probably be about my life as a mother as my life seems to revolve around my children but that is not my only job...

By day I am a Teaching Assistant and an Early Years Educator (basically im always surrounded by children) and I recently signed up to be a Body shop at home consultant, providing pampering parties to the nation (the few that actually allow me to do one) thats my way of escaping the children having some adult time.
I would love to be successful with the Body shop but also have an ambition to become a photographer (I know, everybody does) imparticular I would like to be a nursery photographer because I love working with that age group of children.

Anything else you want to know?
Keep reading and Im sure you will find out a bit more about me...

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