Saturday, 7 December 2013

Shop local

A few weeks ago I had a list of items I needed to buy, some of which I had needed for a while, so as I no longer have a car I thought I'm either going to have to order online or take a trip on a bus after work to a big shopping area.

My list was:

A computer mouse
Party invitations
Cat worming treatment
A broom
Net curtain wire
2 sets of keys cutting

I don't like to order too much online as I have to pay for delivery and I never know when the items are going to arrive plus I know technology is good but I'm sure you can't order a set of your door keys online (I may be wrong) I don't live near a big shopping area but I do walk through West Norwood everyday. There are a few local supermarkets, B&Q, superdrugs and greggs. All the other shops are small independent shops and restaurants that I rarely go into.

It was approaching my sons birthday and as I'm already embarrassingly known as the mum who leaves everything until the last minute I thought I need to try all these shops to find some invitations before the day of his sleepover!

After scouring all the shops of West Norwood I reached home pleasantly surprised to have purchased everything on my list!!

Now I'm sure with Christmas approaching I will be using a lot of the big chain stores to purchase gifts and housewares but I will also bare in mind that I can buy a lot of good quality and good value items in local independent stores too!

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