Saturday, 20 September 2014

Moonlight Movie

I have wanted to go to an outdoor cinema for ages, I even put it on my bucket list, so when I saw that The Luna Cinema were showing a film in my local park I booked 2 tickets straight away. The movie on show was The Wolf of Wall Street and is one that I hadn't previously seen and thought it would be perfect for a date night. Being together for 18 years and having four children means date nights don't come around very often!

We arrived at the park at around 7:30, the time the ticket stated and found a nice spot not to close to the screen. Lots of people came with their picnic baskets but we just stopped off at the local Tesco on the way and got a nice supply of crisps and chocolate although there were staff members who came around while everyone was settling in with free samples of coffee and cheeses!

So everything started off really well, the weather was quite warm as it was a nice August evening but then a guy came on the tannoy to say that the movie wouldn't start until the sun went down, well that wasn't until 2 hours after we arrived by which time my bum was numb. I could tell that a lot of people were already experienced with the whole outdoor cinema concept as they didn't arrive until much later and came with chairs, pillows, blankets...the full works!

I brought my coat with me in case it got cold, who was I kidding? Even with it done up and the hood on it was absolutely freezing. I'm sure if the movie wasn't so loud the people next to me would have heard my teeth chattering!

The park had got really packed and really dark so when the man didn't return from the toilets I checked my phone and saw a text message to say he couldn't find me and was sitting at the side by the gates. Halfway through the film I was dying for a wee but didn't want to leave my stuff in case I couldn't find where we were sitting either so I had no option but to pack all my stuff up (as quietly as possible) and head for the toilet. I found the man and we decided it would be better to just go home and watch a movie in the comfort (and warmth) of our living much for a date night!

It didn't quite work out as planned but I still like the idea of the outdoor cinema, if I do ever go again I will definitely be a bit more prepared but I have at least ticked something else off my bucket list!


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