Sunday, 19 October 2014

Halloween at our house

Halloween is not a massive event at our house, I mean we don't go overboard and decorate the whole house and it's a bit too close to Christmas to spend too much money when we could be using it for gifts. We do however like to dress up and eat loads of candy...well who doesn't?

Yes I have to live with these creatures...

I don't normally buy any expensive outfits for the occasion, I think the vampire outfit is actually from the pound shop! I find when dressing up that its better to improvise with what you have and throw a bit of face paint in.

The kids love to go out trick or treating, they usually go in a group because it can be very frightening when there are werewolves, witches and all sorts roaming the streets!

I like to sit at home with my big bowl of goodies for the scary callers (hoping that nobody will knock so I can eat all the sweets for myself) We usually put some decorations in the window or on the door so that others know we are happy for them to knock because I know some people do not like being pestered all night.

What will you be doing for Halloween, dressing up and partying the night away or closing the curtains and having an early night?

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