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50 books 2014 - December

Well it was very close but I actually managed it, I read 50 books in 2014!!!

To be honest with so many books still to read in December I didn't actually think I would do it but having the Christmas holiday and downloading quite a few short books on my Kindle did really help me to complete the challenge.

So here is a quick look at the last nine books I read...

When a famous fashionista discovers Emma's designs and features them on her blog it could be the big break she is after. Typically Emma panics and questions whether somebody like her could be the next big thing and searches for a way to get out her designs without anybody finding out who she is.

As a fan of fashion illustration I was quite interested to see what this book was about. I love the way there were little pictures of fashion items sketched on the pages to go along with the story. It was a sweet tale of a young girl following her dream into the fashion world while juggling school work and I think it would be quite suitable for a young adult age range.

As a new resident on a remote Scottish Island, Kate decides that her new estate would make the perfect backdrop as a wedding venue. With a wedding booked in for Christmas eve the pressure is on but with all sorts of obstacles in the way will she pull it off?

I do find short Christmas stories perfect for the festive season and this was a nice romantic read. I haven't read the original Sealed with a kiss but may give it a try in the future.

Luke has dedicated his life to living with and understanding the world of wolves, even going as far as to break up his family for their sake, but when he and his daughter Cara are injured in a car accident it causes grave implications for his estranged son and the daughter who adores him.

I started this book months ago and found it quite long winded although as more drama unfolded it did get a lot more interesting towards the end. I liked the way the story was told through each characters point of view. I have never really been a fan of wolves but appreciated that there was great effort to research the lives of wolves for this book and found some of the information pretty impressive.

Ten year old Madeline wonders why her Granddad sits on the beach staring into the ocean every day, her family suspect dementia but after a conversation with him she finds out the real reason he is there.

This is a super short story! I thought I had just read one chapter and then realised it had finished. It is a very heart warming sweet story.

Hollywood movie star Maggie wants to get away from LA for the holidays to somewhere with a bit of charm. What better place for a Christmas getaway than London. Accompanying Maggie is her manager and friend Zoe. They relax in a luxurious hotel, sight see around town and even do a bit of match making along the way!

Another lovely Christmas story to get you into the spirit, very light-hearted with not much sustenance. It seemed a bit far fetched in places but as it was only a short story I wasn't expecting much.

Becky and Luke have a whole year planned for their honeymoon. Becky has it all planned out, they will spend it exploring the canals of Venice, doing yoga in India and maybe even visiting the penguins in the Antarctic...not forgetting to pick up a few souvenirs on the way! But will Luke be as keen on the getaway as his new bride?

I have come across the shopaholic series before but never actually read one. This was a great taster and I am sure I will try some others in the future.

Ellie is a determined woman, arriving in a small town and taking on as many jobs as she can to raise money means she has no time for ladies man Bruce Laselle. The fact that she is not interested is what catches his eye and after learning of her inner most secrets will she be able to resist his charm?

I wasn't too sure of this book when I first started but actually warmed to the characters and enjoyed the story line, the only concern was that the kindle version had a lot of mistakes in it... as it was free I cant really complain!

Nancy is shocked to receive a sit on lawnmower for Christmas, especially as she found a receipt for some expensive jewellery from her husband, this leads her to become suspicious. A trip to London to visit her best friend could be just what she needs but will she find more than she bargained for?

I am surprised I have never read a Jill Mansell book before and will definitely try some more in the future, the book had quite a lot of characters but they were all very individual and believable. The book was very witty but a bit predictable, a typical love story!

When a down on his luck actor turns up to an audition he leaves with a different type of job. Alec is loaned a Range Rover to make a delivery of what he thinks is a christening present but as the journey takes a weird and spooky twist he questions what is really in the delivery.

I started reading this book before going to bed and luckily it wasn't very long as I couldn't put it down! The start was pretty gripping and the book contained photos which added to the story. With it being night time it did scare me a little which I think is what kept me reading. On the downside there were parts of the story that were questionable and I was expecting more from the ending.

So that's it and now I am officially all read out and haven't read anything so far this year! I am not going to take on the challenge again this year as I am so busy with studying but I must say I really did like taking the time out to lose myself in a book and may try it again in the future.

What about you? If you are planning on challenging yourself to read 50 books this year then why not pop over to Ups and downs, Smiles and frowns who is hosting the #50books2015 linky.

Happy reading xx

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