Monday, 5 January 2015

New year Boots treats

Having spent quite a lot of money in Boots buying Christmas presents I managed to accumulate a few points on my advantage card and what better way to spend them than to treat myself to a few things!

Summer is still a while off and the winter makes me feel very pale so when I saw that cocoa butter has a bronze lotion that gradually adds a natural looking tan I just had to buy it and the fact that it was on offer made it even better!
I don't normally use foundation but I do like BB cream as it is a bit more natural looking. I have had these annoying lines under my eyes for a while (it's definitely not due to sleep deprivation) so I thought I would try this BB cream eye roll-on to see if it would remove them.

I know dental floss isn't much of a treat but I have managed to avoid the dentist recently and hope to hold out a bit longer so good dental hygiene is a must!
Earrings are probably the only jewellery I wear regularly so I like to update them every so often. There was a large range of jewellery on sale and I picked up this set for only £2 - Bargain!

I have been saying that I am going to cut my hair short for the past year...or maybe a bit longer than that, I have even put it on my bucketlist. I am sure that I will get round to it at some point in 2015 but until then I thought I would treat my hair to a nice conditioner to keep it under control.

I had just over £20 worth of points on my advantage card and this lot came to around £16 so I even have a few pounds left over towards my next shop!

Have you treated yourself to anything in the January sales?

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