Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wise words on a Wednesday #4

I had to write my wise words with a 'keep calm' theme today as I am fuming just a little!

If you read my previous post about a tax rebate that I've been waiting for since November then you would know that I had 2 lots of cheques sent out that I didn't receive. I had to write to the Inland Revenue to request my payment be put into my bank account which they agreed to do, but then went on to send out another cheque (which was not recorded delivery!) I didn't get this cheque either and after a month asked for it to be cancelled yet again. The guy on the phone told me to wait a while longer as I may still miraculously get it delivered which I highly doubted.

Anyway 2 weeks later, no cheque, got it cancelled, asked for it to be put into my account again and told it was a 6 week process *sigh*

Now the payment would have been due this week so I phoned just to check on the progress only to be told that somebody has in fact cashed one of my cheques and they now need to investigate the situation!

Grrrr, I really wanted to shout at the lady on the phone and ask what a shambles of a government office they are running. How in this day and age can it take 6 months to pay somebody the money you owe them but are able to take the money I earn before its even issued to me?

I'm wondering if I will in fact see my money before the year is out but getting mad is not going to change the situation so I will do what I do best and Keep Calm, oh and I need to paint my nails too as my varnish is chipping!

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