Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wise words on a Wednesday #5

This weeks wise words were inspired by my 8 year old son, as for someone so small he is pretty sensible (when he wants to be)

This week I received a letter from school to say that all the year 3 classes, including Kierons, were going to have a swap around ready for year 4. This is because the classes are not all equally  matched in terms of ability, gender and behaviour and it would give all the children the opportunity to mix with other children in their year group as there are 3 classes.

Each child was told to write down 8 of their closest friends names and was assured that they would have at least a few of them in their new class.

When Kieron got home he told me all about the list and explained that he hadn't included his best friend on his list. I was a bit surprised and asked why he wouldn't want his best friend in his new class. Very matter of factly he told me that class time was for learning and his friend always wanted to talk to him in class when he was trying to work. He said that he would still be best friends with him and they could play together during break and lunchtime.

If only I had that same attitude to learning when I was at school, I could probably be a brain surgeon by now! 

The summer of '94 I moved from one side of London to the other and started year 10 in a completely new school, there was nothing wrong with this school, it was rather nice and had boys and everything!! However I missed all my school friends and as my brother was allowed to travel across London to school  I thought it was only fair that I could as well. So I made the decision to leave the house at 6:45 everyday, catch the bus to Norwood Junction, Train to London Bridge, bus to Shorditch and another bus to Stamford Hill for 2 whole years, all for the sake of seeing my friends!!

I'm not saying it was a bad thing to travel far to school but it did impact on my learning, I don't remember ever doing homework as I was just too tired and my exam results were pretty poor but at the time my only focus was on the social aspect of school and not what achievements I would get at the end of it.

I'm glad my kids are a bit more wise than I was but its never to late to change our present in order to have a brighter future.

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