Monday, 28 April 2014

50 books 2014 - April

 This month I have managed to read 4 books! I am glad I finished four but I thought as we had two weeks off school I would have read a couple more. Three of the books were quite easy reads but Mercy was very long and took a while to get through so that's probably what took up most of my reading time.

The fault in our stars is about a teenage girl named Hazel who has terminal cancer and her relationship with her boyfriend (Augustus) who is also a cancer sufferer. Hazel is obsessed with a novel that came to an abrupt ending and is desperate to find out what happens to the characters of the story from the hard to reach author. Will Augustus succeed in helping her get the information before she dies?

I bought this book for my son and he recommended it to me. I found it to be very witty and loved the relationships between Hazel, her family and her few friends. I can see how many teenagers can relate to the characters as they seemed very real. There were parts of the book that seemed to drag on a bit so I can understand when some people said they find it boring but overall I would recommend it.

There are two interwoven stories in this novel. First the story of Jamie McDonald who kills his terminally ill wife to end her misery, he heads to a town where he knows his cousin is the chief of police but does this help his case? The chief Cam McDonald doesn't seem to sympathies much with his cousin and is otherwise occupied by another new arrival to the town in the shape of a mysterious lady named Mia, but what will his wife make of her?

One of my favourite books ever is 'My sisters keeper' and I love the way Jodi Picoult writes but I was a bit disappointed with this book. It took me a while to get through it and although there were a few parts that kept me page turning into the night, I did feel that the story was a bit long winded. I still have a couple of other Picoult books on my shelf that I want to read this year so hopefully they will make up for this one!

After separating from Josh, Ginny finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and alone. Thinking her life is over and struggling with morning sickness her friends lend a supporting shoulder but will they convince her that everything is going to be okay?

This is a very light-hearted and amusing story, I did find myself laughing out loud a few times! It is currently free on the kindle (I do like my free kindle books) so would recommend downloading while you can if you have a kindle app.

Rosemary Wickum always finds treasure at the dump, but the last thing she expects to find there is the love of her life! When Gary, the handsome owner of a recycling centre, begins to pursue her she is reluctant to act on it but with the whole towns encouragement will she get her happy ever after?

I didn't expect this book to start out at the dump but it quickly moves on from rubbish to raunchy! Quite an enjoyable book with some delightful characters particularly the busy bodies in the town that try to push Rose and Gary together.

May is a very busy month for me so I'm not sure how many books I will get through, I might have to give up a few TV programmes to keep up! I have currently read 13 books out of the 50 I hope to read this year! How many have you managed to get through?

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