Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Prime 5 - Smells

The sense of smell is probably seen one of the least important of all the senses but it is actually a vital part of our lives. Studies have shown that 75% of our emotions are triggered by smell and it is the most sensitive of all the senses. It is in fact the first of all our senses to develop and humans can smell even before they are born!

There are obviously times when we wish our smell wasn't so great... walking past a rubbish truck or changing a baby's dirty nappy, but then there are the smells that bring us joy or bring back fond memories.

So here is a list of my favourite smells:

Nail varnish - I paint my nails regularly and cannot resist having a sniff from the bottle every time. I know its one of those chemical, addictive smells and I shouldn't but I cant help myself!

Vanilla - Whenever I buy room spray or candles I always look for the vanilla variety, it's just so sweet smelling and reminds me of cake.

Eternity perfume - I have loved this Calvin Klein perfume since I was about 14 years old and although I always remind the man that it's my favourite he never seems to buy it for me! I bought myself a limited edition version of it a few years ago but it just wasn't the same as the real thing.

Talcum powder - The only time I ever use powder is when I have tiny little babies, once they get bigger I don't bother with it. This means that whenever I do smell powder it takes me back to those days when my kids were sweet and innocent, and who doesn't love the smell of babies?

Freshly baked bread - Most food smells get me excited and tickle my tastebuds but the smell of fresh bread just seems so homely and comforting.

 So there are my prime 5 smells, what do you like a sniff of? Come and link up below #myprime5

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