Saturday, 18 January 2014

Candy crushed

I don't know how long ago I started playing or at what stage I got completely hooked but a couple of days ago I finally did it... I cracked Candy Crush!!

When I started playing Candy Crush there were around 300 levels and this has been extended throughout that time to what is now 515 levels. I'm sure this will increase over time to even further levels, but my goal was just to get to the end!

I am now going to tick this off my bucketlist as I've gone the furthest I could go at this time and I have even completed that extra bit (the one with the owl) as well.

I am the furthest out of all my fb friends and there are a lot of people I know that keep asking me how to get past certain levels, my only advice is to just keep playing. Using the power-ups are helpful although I wouldn't waste any money paying for them, it is possible to get all the way through without spending a penny! There were many levels that I got stuck on for weeks (level 147 comes to mind) and I often got fed up and thought I'm never playing again but as soon as I managed to pass those ones I was addicted again!

Now I have to find something else to pass my time, something a bit more productive may be helpful!!

Do you waste your time play Candy Crush or any other fb games? (Don't get me started on Bejewelled blitz)

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