Saturday, 4 January 2014

Kitchen makeover

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be contacted by my council to say they will be carrying out work in my house as part of a refurbishment project across the borough. This meant they would be fitting a new kitchen, bathroom and toilet!

It was a very quick process which saw plumbers, plasterers, electricians and the like, in and out the house like a conveyor belt. The work took around 10 working days to complete but because we were practically living out of the front room, so as to not get in their way, and cooking on a little electric hob it actually seemed like they were here for at least a month.

The units and tiles were all pretty basic but we were given an option of colours. They were also providing flooring but as we already had ceramic tiles that were not too shabby I decided to stick with those.

I do love a before and after photo so i thought I would put a few up.

Its funny that even though I have gone from white cabinets to a dark wood, the kitchen actually feels much lighter!

I love the new green colour! I need to add some more decorative touches here and there, like shelves and pictures to make it more homely but I'm very pleased with the outcome and the work that was done!

I am going to put new curtains and blinds but this month the workman are meant to be back to put in all new windows and doors... much needed as I have really old windows and you can actually feel the breeze coming through when you stand next to them. Just hoping it doesn't make a lot of mess throughout the house in the process.

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