Wednesday, 29 January 2014

50 books 2014 - January

This is my round up of books that I've managed to get through in the month of January. Usually by this time of the year I would have probably just started getting into a book, so I'm very pleased that I've spent more time reading and less time watching a load of rubbish on TV (although I am still watching quite a lot of rubbish on TV, just not as much!)

What stays in Vegas - This is the story of Tessa a Secretary dreaming of being an artist and also dreaming about her co-worker who happens to be a married man. Will transferring to the Las Vegas branch of the office be the opportunity of a new life or just more problems?

This book was a nice, fun, easy read. Loved the characters, especially Tessa's new boss Kendra!

The Hunger Games - I'm sure most people are familiar with The Hunger Games trilogy, if not, you should be! I loved the first book and read it within a couple of days and I am currently reading the second part.

In brief the story is set in the future where North America has become a country called Panem, it is split into 12 districts and a capitol. Each year 2 boys and 2 girls from each district are chosen to fight to the death in a live TV show called The hunger games, for the amusement of the capitol.
When Katniss takes the place of her little sister she sees it as a death sentence but will she have the strength to survive?

Street child - Whenever my kids are given certain books to read at school I like to read them as well, this is so I can check that they are actually reading but also its nice to be able to discuss the stories with them. My year 4 class (and also my youngest son who is in year 4) are currently studying Victorian Britain and the contrast between the rich and poor children of that era. 

Street child is based on the true story of an Orphan child who inspired Dr Barnardo to set up his homes for young boys. Jim Jarvis is left homeless and motherless and has no option but to go to the workhouse but this proves too much for him and he would rather face life on the streets. This book is very emotional but a great read for any age! 

Any red-blooded girl - This is the story of Flora Fontain a 15 going on 16 year old who has to spend her summer camping with her parents and brother but its not all as bad as it seems when she instantly falls in love with Mick and he feels the same about her. But will it all be happily ever after...unlikely!

I found this book rather weird and it moved at such a fast pace that I couldn't keep up and I didn't know what was about to happen next, although that can be quite a good thing in a book as nobody likes predictability!


  1. I've added the link to this post in my #50books2014 round up, I hope that's alright! :)

    1. Yeah that's fine :) Wow 9 books already, I've got some catching up to do!

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