Saturday, 25 January 2014

Glossybox January

This months Glossybox arrived on Thursday and I eagerly awaited the for the girl to arrive from school as I promised I wouldn't open it without her.

I think they must know that the daughter and I are sharing the box as there were 2 little tubes of cream and 2 sets of eye bag patches in the packet. 

The Yu-Be moisturising cream was very smooth and hydrating but it does have a slightly medicated scent which I didn't find very pleasant.
I haven't tried the eye patches yet but having dark circles under my eyes, I'm intrigued to see if these will make a difference to the appearance.

The CC cream which I think is quite similar to BB cream (Don't quote me on that, I'm no expert) was too light for my daughter and closer to my complexion on a pale day... I have a few of those! So I guess I will be keeping that :)

The tweezers are very pretty and do their job, although watch this space as next month I'm going to get threaded!! I'm sure I will still need these for the touch ups.

I haven't as yet tried the bodywash as I have so many in my bathroom left from Christmas, I'm not sure any of them are 'super toning' though!

Do you subscribe to glossybox, if so what did you think of this months goodies?

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