Sunday, 23 February 2014

Half term sputterings

I do love half terms but after the noise, being eaten out of house and home, having the house in a complete mess and spending most of my time with these....

I am quite looking forward to going back to my routine. Although it has been nice to have some time to blog!

The beginning of the week I got to spend some time with 2 gorgeous 7 month old babies; my niece..

and my granddaughter (yes I know, I'm too young to even have children let alone grandchildren!)...

We got to spend a bit of time outside and I took little man to watch The Lego Movie but by Wednesday I was down with the cold and grateful to have the Xbox, board games and playing cards to occupy the children.

It's nice having teenagers because they already have their social lives planned when they're off school so I don't have to worry about entertaining them.

Anyway, off to make sure the school uniforms have actually been washed and homework done (as you do on a Sunday evening) Hope you have all had a great half term x

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