Monday, 24 February 2014

Mealplan Monday 24/02/14

Meal Planning Monday
Last week we were pretty good at sticking to the mealplan but we did have leftovers on one day so didn't end up eating the casserole. I've put the meat in the freezer so I can make it this week instead.

Its been a month since my little man decided to become a vegetarian... well he has said he's actually a pescatarian because he eats fish! and we've adjusted quite well to providing him with substitutes while were eating meat (as opposed to starving him) and talking of starving...

I'm thinking about doing the 5:2 diet where I eat normally for 5 days and then just juice for 2 days as a way of losing a few pounds and getting some much needed fruit and veg vitamins into my body, but at the moment it is just a thought so in the meantime this is what I'll be eating...

Monday - Jacket potato with cheesy beans

Tuesday - Pie, chips and veg

Wednesday - Fish pie

Thursday - Lasagne with onion rings

Friday - Chicken curry, rice and naan bread

Saturday - Macaroni cheese

Sunday - Beef casserole

This mealplan is part of #mealplanningmonday with Mrs M

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