Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The LEGO Movie

I didn't know what to expect when my son and I went to see The Lego movie yesterday. I knew it would be a story with Lego pieces as the characters but I must say I was pleasantly surprised at just how cleverly written and inventive the movie actually was.

In his 3d glasses waiting for the movie to start

The story is about all the Lego worlds being taken over by an evil tyrant and an ordinary guy named Emmet who is identified as 'the special one'. Emmet, who is joined by a long list of other well known characters including Abraham Lincoln, Wonder woman, and Shakespeare to name a few, goes on an adventure through the worlds trying to avoid the bad cop/good cop. I wont give too much of the story away as I hate knowing what's going to happen in movies before I watch them and I'm sure you do too!

The film was highly amusing and there was quite a lot of adult humour but my 9 year old seemed to get it and was laughing along.

The animation was amazing, colourful and cleverly constructed and I would definitely recommend paying a bit extra to watch in 3d as it just brings the film to life.

I suspect the sales of Lego pieces will soar because of the movie as even I am eager to become a master builder and build something amazing and I have never really been a great fan of playing with Lego (OK, I'm not very imaginative and can only manage a tower!)

The only negative thing about the movie was the way everyone poked fun at Batman...he is my favourite superhero!! Apart from that... Everything was awesome! 

*The images were originally from google, apart from little man in his 3d glasses.

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