Tuesday, 12 August 2014

11. Handwriting

My son has struggled with his handwriting for years. He has always been very bright, has a really good imagination and even as the youngest member of the family he often helps the rest of us with our spelling! As he is going into year 5 we want his handwriting to be up to a good standard so that his new teacher can actually read his work, although a lot of his teachers have been understanding and reassure him that even the most cleverest of people often have illegible handwriting.

I have some sheets for him to practice in the holidays but I must say it hasn't been used very often and the ps3 seems to win when he has spare time so I need to pull my finger out and give him a bit of an incentive to keep him going...maybe a new computer game might help!


  1. When I was young we lived in Kenya and they would not let us have a pen until we learned to write in the Marian Richardson style. She was an early years educator, not sure she's even in print anymore - I have many fond memories of writing out 'ducks go a dabbling' and 'the brown cow jumped over the lazy fox'. Good luck with the handwriting!

    1. I think the old fashioned ways like just writing lines over and over can be useful but he is so lazy it's a struggle to keep him motivated.


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