Tuesday, 5 August 2014

50 books 2014 - July

 I have managed to finish 5 books this month, but I am finding that I have so much more time to read with it being the holidays and I am actually able to relax and enjoy the books. Usually I just catch a couple of chapters at night before falling asleep but it has been great to wake up and read for a bit before the kids roll out of bed.

Here is what I enjoyed reading in July...

Ellie is the opposite of her sister, not really into high end fashion or going out to the most swanky bars and mixing with millionaires but when she meets and falls for her sister Rose's new boyfriend she knows she needs to change to get his attention. Will it be as easy to borrow your sisters boyfriend as it is to borrow her stilettos?

This was a nice easy read, very witty with a few laugh out loud moments and the characters were easy to relate too. The story changed throughout so it wasn't predictable which makes you want to keep reading to find out what is going to happen next!

Kiki is a teacher who is searching for the man of her dreams... literally! At thirteen she believed she had a psychic dream that showed her who her future love would be. She makes it her mission to find this man by going on blind dates accompanied by a journalist who is writing a piece about the dating agency scene. Will the man with the degree and a talent in music be one of her dates or does he even exist?

A very simple and quite predictable story. I actually took a disliking to the Kiki, not sure why but found the main characters to be a bit shallow and irritating. Not bad writing and worth a try if you like chick-lit and have a spare few hours.

Fragile is the true story of Niki Shisler. After surviving years of abuse and addiction the single mothers life seems to be turning around. She meets a decent man and becomes pregnant with twins but that is the start of a number of dramatic events including the twins being born with a mysterious illness.

This is a very touching and emotional story. I did find it a bit long winded but I suppose that was just because the authors writing was very in depth. If you like a good true story and don't mind shedding a few tears then I would give it a read.

This is the diary of 65 year old Marie. She finds herself with extra time on her hands and writes a list of things she would like to do with her time. Marie has close friends, her cat and a grandson who she dotes on but how will she cope with the death of a loved one and her family moving half way across the world?

I really liked reading about Marie's perspective on life and found her diary very witty. The daily rant headlines were amusing and it shows how in touch the older generation is with what is happening in the community around them.

This is the story of Jack, a five year old that lives in a room, its a room with a locked door, a room that he has never left as his mother has been imprisoned in there since before his birth.

When I first started reading this book I was a bit put off by the narration of five year old jack but carried on and quickly became hooked as I was intrigued about how they became in the room and how if ever, they would escape. There were times it was a bit unrealistic and I found the second half of the book to be a lot slower but overall I really enjoyed and it is now one of my favourite books, I would definitely recommend it!

So that is my July roundup and I have now read a total of 24 books,that is the same amount I read for the whole of 2013! I am slowly catching up and still confident about reaching my target!

How many books have you read so far this year?

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