Sunday, 10 August 2014

9. In my bag...

My in my bag post is a bit late as I was out for the whole day yesterday but as my mum says, better late than never!

So in my bag I have the usual keys, purse and phone. I have an umbrella for the rain and sun spray for the sun as you just never no what your gonna get! I always carry a book to keep up with my 50 book challenge. My Samsung phone and tab, I use the tab a lot more that the phone! I have mango lip butter and hemp hand cream, both from The Body Shop and a pink nail varnish as that's my favourite summer shade. I have a spare hairband because my hair is always tied back outside, I hate it blowing in the wind! My oyster card that is always topped up and gets me everywhere. Finally I always carry tissue as my son has random nose bleeds in random places.

So what is in your bag?

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