Monday, 23 March 2015

My Prime 5 - Things to look forward to in Spring

Spring is my Favourite season of all and here are the top 5 things I am looking forward to over the coming months...

Light - Waking up with the sunlight coming through the window makes me happy, I don't feel like I'm getting out of bed in the middle of the night and it seems like I've slept for longer, even though I always sleep for the same amount of hours! After school its like there is still the day ahead to do stuff, like go to the park for a run (yes eventually I will get round to it) and visit people rather than running home to shelter from the darkness.

Warmth - Yes I admit I'm one of those people that complain in the winter that its too cold and then I complain in the summer that its too hot, what can I say I'm like the three bears, I like things to be just right! I think it may be to do with clothes as well, I feel a bit exposed and uncomfortable in summer when I have to strip off to cool down so prefer it when it's not too hot!

Colour - Bare trees do nothing for me, they're just too twiggy and boring! I cant even go into the garden in the winter because it depresses me, so I'm looking forward to some colour appearing on my bushes and having a good clear out the back (not a euphemism)

Chocolate - Yes its Easter and the only thing stopping me from getting all the kids eggs is that I know I will eat them all before Easter actually arrives! Is it just me or does chocolate taste better in egg form.. it just seems to fit perfectly over the tongue!

Birthday - I know when you get to a certain age birthdays are not so exciting but I love being in my 30s, I feel all grown up... even if I do act like a 10 year old at times! I always go out with friends as it is also one of their birthdays around the same time, this year we are planning on going to a karaoke bar which means this year I will be getting very drunk (it usually takes me about 2 hours to get through one bottle of cider)

So what are you most looking forward to in spring?
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  1. I absolutely love this and it cheers me up x

    1. Thank you, come and join in! It's nice to have something to look forward to 😊


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