Sunday, 22 March 2015

Thorpe Park

Last week we were lucky enough to be given Four free tickets to Thorpe park from Mumsnet, these were to take part in the #myfirstcoaster event to celebrate reaching 1.4m and being tall enough to ride on the 'big boy' rollercoasters.

If you read my last post on Thorpe park you would know that I wasn't planning to return to any sort of theme park (unless it's Disneyland) as I am not a big fan of the sick feeling you get after queuing for an hour to spend less than a minute in all sorts of angles, hundreds of feet up in the air! But I couldn't let Kieron miss out on the experience of trying the grown up rides for the first time.

The first stop was the Angry Birds 4D cinema experience, I wasn't expecting much from this as I am not really an Angry Birds fan but we all really enjoyed the surprises and I found that I was actually moving around to avoid things coming out of the screen.

It was a pretty cold and miserable day so we avoided the water rides, which was a shame as these are usually my favourite (no hanging upside down) The kids went on the boat slides but there is not much splash back from these, unlike the others! We did go to a few of the rides that only had five minute queues as I thought they would be tame however the massive swing that is Rush actually gave me nightmares! It didn't seem to faze the children though! 

Luckily the picture isn't clear enough to see me screaming!

We chose to eat in the Pizza and Pasta buffet restaurant as it is the only meal that all my kids will actually eat and we wanted to get in out of the cold for a while. I thought they were reasonably priced but didn't like that they give out little plates so you had to keep going back up to get food. There wasn't many choices either but it seemed to fill us all up so there were no complaints.

The park wasn't too packed as it is only the start of the season which meant there were not too many long queues but there were a lot of groups of teenagers and I didn't notice many things for families with younger children which is a shame, I think if there were then it would attract more family groups. There is an outdoor beach which I have never been in but this was closed, I think there should be more areas where people can sit and relax dotted around as not everybody wants to spend the whole day on rides and may choose to bring their own snacks rather than sitting in the many food places on offer.

The kids favourite rides were Swarm and Nemesis Inferno but the highlight of Kieron's day was having his picture taken with The Sideman... a group of youtube vloggers that he follows

The highlight of my day was this Vanilla latte I picked up on the way out to warm me up and prepare me for the long journey home.

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  1. I have to admit I'm not a Thorpe Park fan although Mr B and my eldest daughter love it there. I will not ride many of the rides. I tend to go and watch and wait with my younger daughter who is thankfully not tall enough to ride the big rides yet, phew! I did enjoy the Angry Birds 4d Cinema experience though (nice and safe lol)

    1. It's definitely not for the faint hearted! Don't think I will be rushing back anytime soon but luckily my kids are all nearly at an age where they can go with their friends and I wont need to take them :)

  2. Oh my I go giddy just watching those roller coasters but what fun! I've never been but it sounds like one my teens and tweens would love but perhaps not so good for younger children. I'll have to ask my screenager about the Sideman, he is so into all that Youtube gaming thing, personally I'd be with you on the coffee! thanks for sharing your action day on Country Kids

    1. I'm sure the kids would love it, they all seem to have no fear! The Sidemen were very popular, had groups of youngsters following them around all day!

  3. I dont have the guts to do rides! So if ever we get to go to a place like this I will let husband riding with my son =) #countrykids

  4. It would be nice if they have more seating areas around Thorpe park because I think a lot of parents feel that way, it's still nice to sit and watch them enjoying the rides :)


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