Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Shaking Head Syndrome

I am not sure if Shaking Head Syndrome an actual condition but my son has recently developed a tic where he keeps shaking his head.

During half term Kieron was complaining that his head hurt, this is not unusual because he has complained on other occasions that he has a headache, having mentioned it to the doctor in the past he did not seem worried and said it was normal for children to get headaches from time to time. Over half term however he seemed to have a headache everyday and on one occasion slept through the afternoon and vomited as he woke up. This was particularly worrying as he had no other symptoms other than a headache. He also started shaking his head from side to side every few minutes, as well as being really annoying I thought this was probably making matters worse and I repeatedly told him to stop as I didn't know what else to do about it. He said he was doing it because his head was hurting and he couldn't help it...it just happened.

We went back to the doctor who checked him over and spoke to him about where it hurt in his head, he said it sounded as if he was suffering from a mixture of tension headaches and migraines but was reluctant to give him migraine medication as he is only 10yrs old. He also said that when he got back into a routine at school he shouldn't get them so much but did not seem too bothered about him shaking his head.

Thankfully his headaches have seemed to appear less frequent now he is back at school but the head shaking has continued. Apparently (according to Google research) developing tics at this age is not uncommon but having worked in a primary school for nearly ten years I have never heard or seen this before. He has mentioned that kids in his class have started asking him about it and are even copying him but I am sure they will soon get bored of that.

I know every individual health case is different but I was wondering if anybody else's children have developed an unusual habit and how long it is expected to last?

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