Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Prime 5 - Things to do in the sunshine

This week has been gloriously sunny and it has made me think of all the things I would like to be doing other than working. I am quite fortunate that I get to go out in the sunshine and top up my tan while at work but it is not very relaxing when there are 300 children to supervise while I'm out there! So this is what I will be daydreaming about...

1. Barbecue - There had to be something that involved eating on the list and I love how BBQ's are so much more than just eating...there's drinking too! No seriously it's a very social thing, relaxing and chatting in the garden with the smell of the food tingling your tastebuds. I fancy one right now except I don't actually have a BBQ!

2. Gardening - Nobody wants to go out into the garden and enjoy the sun when it's a mess but personally I steer clear from doing anything out there in the cold winter months! It is lovely and can be quite a workout to go out and mow, trim, plant and generally clear it out but as I have found out from experience it is very satisfying to sit and admire all the hard work once it has actually been done.

3. Swimming - Another thing I hate to do in the winter is swimming, it is just too cold to plunge yourself into a big pool of equally cold water and have any chance of enjoying yourself. In the hot sun however there is nothing more refreshing and we spent nearly our whole holiday last year just lazing about in the pool.

4. Sunbathing - The first day back at work after last years summer holiday we had our photos taken for our identity badges. At this time I had a glowing tan and looked very healthy. I know this because a few weeks ago a boy from my class was looking at the picture on my badge and actually asked me why I was brown in the picture but I was grey in real life? I mean really, grey??... definitely time to get my tanning on!!

5. Reading - I love reading at anytime but on those long sunny afternoons there is nothing better than sitting down with a good book and an ice cold drink and just relaxing.

As you can see from my list I am quite lazy and don't like to do anything too energetic but I am sure there are some adventurous individuals out there who have lots of exciting activities planned...or maybe you are already doing them! So come and join in with #myprime5

Just write your top 5 list of things you like to do in the sunshine and link up. It will be open for 2 weeks so no need to rush your post!

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