Saturday, 7 June 2014

Positive pic of the week #10

This weeks positive pic is of my 15 year old Jasmin and 9 year old Kieron.

Last weekend we went to watch 2 of my friends run the Race for life at Clapham common. It was a lovely day, luckily not too hot for the runners but warm enough for us standing around waiting to cheer.

I took lots of photos of my friends warming up and running through the finish line but while we were waiting Jasmin was asking me to take her picture. What I love about this shot is that it shows her poser side but it also shows Kieron's cheeky side, he doesn't usually like having his picture taken but whenever I was taking one of Jasmin he was trying to creep in behind without her noticing...typical annoying little brother!

Have you got a picture that puts a smile on your face?
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