Saturday, 14 June 2014

Positive pic of the week #11

This weeks positive pic is of flowers.

At some point in the week I was sitting at the computer (probably on blogger) when the man came into the room with this little bottle and some lovely flowers from the garden. I thought it was a really sweet gesture and they brighten the desk up beautifully.

I love flowers but don't buy them very often because they just don't last long enough so to be able to go out in the garden and pick my own is nice, and I tell you there is no end to the uses of these little bottles, I'm so glad I bought them!

I suppose I should really go out and buy the man a fathers day present now as it's tomorrow and I still haven't got him anything!

What has brightened up your week? Take a pic and link up!

Tantrums and Glitter

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