Sunday, 30 March 2014

50 books 2014 - March

 This month has been really slow on the reading front. I have only managed to finish 2 books which I had actually started last month! For some reason they both just seemed to go on forever, thats not to say they were boring I think its just that I was reading in the evenings, after getting through a few pages I was falling asleep.


Im not entirely sure why this book is named the debt and the doormat. It starts off with Poppy and her friend Jazz. Jazz being in debt decides to swap lives with the sensible Poppy in order to stop her spending and encourage Poppy to let her hair down, but then the story takes on all sorts of dramas that caused me to want to shout at Poppy in frustration, almost as if I was watching a soap opera. Poppy is a very endearing character and I really enjoyed reading about all the turmoil she went through in order to get the man of her dreams.

 If You have read my last 2 months of 50books2014 you would know that I have been reading The Hunger Games series. I really loved the first two books and I think book one was my favourite of the three. I read the first half of this book and then seemed to waver a bit, reading a bit here and a bit there. I really got into the end of it in the last few days and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I read it all at once.
Katniss Everdean survived the first two hunger games and the capitol are not happy, they want revenge! But who should pay the price Katniss herself or the people she loves the most?

So far this year I have read 9 books but with the Easter holidays coming up im hoping to catch up on my reading, especially as I have a habit of downloading loads of books onto my kindle app and need to get through them!

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