Monday, 31 March 2014

Beauty product of the month - March

Each month I am going to share with you the beauty product of the month that I have been using. Last month it was Seaweed face scrub and this month it is...

Maybelline brow drama sculpting brow mascara. 

I keep meaning to get my eyebrows threaded but still haven't got around to it so I need something that is going to tame and define them. I have never been a fan of eyebrow pencils as they make your eyebrows stand out too much (especially when you shave your eyebrows off first!) and I like the more subtle, natural look.

I do have the problem of having faint looking eyebrows, they tend to disappear a bit in photos that are taken from afar so this product is great for defining them, it also keeps them in place and being a dark brown colour it blends in perfectly.

I haven't tried any other brow mascaras so I cant really compare but I am glad that I've come across this one and it is now part of my daily routine so I will definitely buy it again!

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