Saturday, 22 March 2014

Positive Pic of the Week #1

My Positive pic of the week is of the the kit I received from St John Ambulance after doing a first aid course with them earlier this week.

I'm sure its obvious that the reason I think its positive is because I was trained to help save lives but I also learnt so much more than that. From childhood illnesses, burns, fractures, cuts and crushing, right through to recovery positioning and CPR.

I think what actually stuck with me the most was when the trainer said that it takes 3 years to train as a paediatric nurse and we had only 2 days to learn the basics so we shouldn't feel pressured to get everything right all of the time. After all, doing our best with what we know to help aid in an accident or emergency is always better than turning a blind eye and walking by.

I personally think first aid courses should be available to all new parents! I'm sure it would have saved me a lot of worry and hospital visits over the years if I had had the knowledge I have now to deal with certain situations my children have found themselves in.

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