Saturday, 8 March 2014

Word of the week - Assiduous

Ive used the word assiduous to describe my week because its been a bit non stop and constant!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty much the same as they always are; a bit manic, making sure we have everything we need for the week ahead.

Wednesday is my day off and I usually spend it pottering around the house, making phone calls, catching up with housework and blogging, the man usually does the school run but this week he was busy. So having been told by my teen that her shoes were flapping and her shirts were stained I went shopping. While out I thought there must be somewhere that does some sort of accessories for world book day. I prefer the look to be thrown together rather than to buy the outfit (plus its a lot cheaper) but could I find anything... no! I did however manage to buy myself a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt in Peacocks, on a half price offer for only £11...bargain!

On Thursday morning we turned the boy into Burglar Bill with a torch, a sack and some bits we found in his wardrobe and set off for school. Thursdays are usually busy at school as the children go swimming and this week, on the return from swimming the teachers had to go off to start parents evening, so another Teaching Assistant and I were left with sixty 8 year olds to entertain! It wasn't all bad because we got to watch 'Tangled' and I'd never seen it before.
After dropping all the children off to their waiting parents I had to make my way to the nursery to join the team for our parents evening. I job share with another Early Years Educator who has Fridays off to look after her elderly parents and there are 2 teachers who jobshare as they have their own babies to look after. For the parents who come into the nursery I can imagine its a bit daunting to face a panel of 4 of us (they must feel like they're at a job interview) but we are all very nice! The evening went really well with lots of happy parents and thriving children and by 7:30 it was finally time to go home!
It was lovely to get home to my social media and see that I had won a giveaway...yay!

Friday is my day in nursery and feeling like I had only just left I was back there at 8:30. It was a lovely sunny day and so we spent our playtime outside digging in the soil looking for worms and buried pirate treasure, needless to say we didn't find either but we got covered in dirt in the process and that's always a good thing (its good for the skin)
At the end of the day when all the children had gone, the profiles updated and the nursery set up with all new activities for next week it was finally time to breathe a sigh of relief and make my way home.
My 11 year old had asked if she could go to her friends after school and just as I got in and put my tired feet up I got a phone call to ask if she could sleepover, well sure, one less child for me to look after right? Then 10 minutes later another phone call to tell me she didn't have any clean clothes or pyjamas and could I bring them! So taking my tired feet I walked another hour to drop her things off and come back and missed my soaps on the way!!

After a very tiresome, assiduous week I would like to give a big kiss to whoever it was that invented weekends and I'm going to have a nice rest!

For your information the word Assiduous comes from 1530's Latin word assiduus meaning busy, incessant, continual and constant.

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  1. Wow - busy! Pleased for you and your bargain clothes and give-away win! And I do love tangled :) Hope you enjoy a more relaxed weekend x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thanks, I think being busy helps the week fly by and never a dull moment!

  2. Great word! I love learning new words and this is a new one to me even though it's very appropriate to life at times. Thank you for sharing it :)

    1. I had never actually heard this word before either but I do love a thesaurus and like to look up alternatives to everyday words.


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