Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Kids Spring trends with Pearl and Butler

When I got and email from Pearl and Butler about a mothers day competition looking at kids fashion trends I was a bit reluctant to enter. I have 4 children and I do clothe them all, however I just buy what's available in the shops (usually on the discounted rack) and don't tend to worry about whether its in fashion or not!

Having two teenagers that have developed their own style over time I tend to give them money and let them choose their own clothes. Jasmin at 15 is very much into fashion trends so when I mentioned the compitition she jumped at the chance to enter, plus like most teenage girls she loves posing in front of the camera!

 Jasmin's newest style trend is high waisted; be it skirts, jeans or shorts and she likes to wear them with crop tops. This one has a brightly coloured, bold animal print and she has paired it with a maxi skirt. To accessorize Jasmin has added a bit of a flowery necklace and some diamond studs.

It seems that animal print tops on children is not really a new trend, here is a photo, taken in the early 1980s, of me wearing a hippo t-shirt along with my brother who apparently doesn't like to wear any tops at all!

Do you have ultra trendy children? If so visit Pearl and Butler to find details on their Mothers day competition.

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