Monday, 17 March 2014

Mealplan Monday

Short and sweet worked really well for us last week and we managed to make all the dishes, as well as getting a bit of baking done. If you liked the look of those delicious Lemon drizzle muffins then give them a try!

Here's what we are having this week...

Monday - Beef stir fry

Tuesday - Thai green curry

Wednesday - Macaroni cheese

Thursday - Home made pizzas

Friday - Prawn risotto

Saturday - Jacket potatoes

Sunday - Chicken and rice

This weeks mealplan is linked up with #mealplanningmonday over at Mrs M's

Meal Planning Monday


  1. Your meal plan sounds lovely, especially the Macaroni Cheese as not had that in ages! Have a good week :) xx

  2. Everything sounds delicious!! Have a great week x

  3. Thanks ladies, yes macaroni cheese is one of my favourites!

  4. Oooh Prawn Risotto - Yum! It all sounds great

    1. It will be the first time making it so hope it turns out ok :/

  5. Good luck with the prawn risotto. Look forward to hearing how it went :) x

  6. Thanks, if it's nice I will put a post up of the recipe :)


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