Monday, 24 March 2014

Mealplan Monday 24/03/14

Last week we had everything on the mealplan apart from the prawn risotto as the man decided he wanted to cook oxtail instead. I was quite looking forward to it and I have the prawns waiting in the freezer so I have put it back on the menu this week.
I'm looking forward to Saturday as we are going out for a friends birthday and I love the lobster rolls at Lobster and Burger!

Monday - Pizza

Tuesday - Chicken Balti

Wednesday - Prawn Risotto

Thursday - Mexican (haven't decided what yet!)

Friday - Mini Kievs, Chips and Sweetcorn

Saturday - Eating out at Lobster and Burger

Sunday - Curried goat with rice and peas

As always my mealplan is linked up with Mrs M on the link below.

Meal Planning Monday


  1. Ohhhh, those lobster rolls are seriously good, aren't they? Enjoy!


  2. Thanks, they sure are, and the lobster is so meaty! *licking my lips*

  3. Ohh yum! Everything sounds so good! The Curried goat sounds interesting! Never tried goat before!


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