Friday, 30 May 2014

50 books 2014 - May

This month I have managed to get through four books with a little help from the half term, giving me some extra reading time. I mentioned before that I would like to read at least one classic and this month I chose Lady Chatterley's lover. I thought it would be quite a hard read but was pleasantly surprised and I think I would like to read a few more classics in the future.

I came across this book in the free section of the kindle books and was surprised to see a Jodi Picoult book there so downloaded it straight away. I learned afterwards that it is in fact a short story but nevertheless it is a great read and it is an introduction to the character Serenity Jones who features in her upcoming novel.

Serenity is a psychic who has her own TV show and when she tries to get into contact with a war veteran for his young widow she gets more than she bargained for in return, but will this boost ratings or threaten her future as a TV psychic? This was an enjoyable read and I am looking forward to a full version in the new novel.

My partner actually downloaded this book onto my kindle as he only ever reads crime books. I didn't pay much attention to it for a couple of months but then I read the first few pages and realised it was based in Hackney which is where I grew up so was intrigued to carry on reading.

This is a troubling tale of the gritty life teenage gang members lead in inner city London. One young boy is murdered and the search is on to find his killer, the main suspect is very nonchalant about the situation but how does he feel when his little brother decides to follow his footsteps into the life of crime? At the same time there is also the tale of the detective on the case and his journey to a life away from the harsh realities of life on the estates. Great read if you don't mind a bit of violence in your novels.

Some people feel really motivated by self help books such as The Secret while others are quite cynical and see it as a money making tool for the people behind it. I have read a few 'Chicken soup for the soul' books and I loved them as they were full of feel good stories but this book does seem a bit repetitive. 

The main theme of the book is the law of attraction. There are many contributors to the book who all try to convince the reader that positive thinking can bring you anything you want, I am not saying it cant, its just a matter of belief. Positive thinking obviously worked for them as they have all achieved what they want and there is no harm in it so why not I say?

I thought it would take me forever to get through this book as I remember trying to read classic books when I was younger and struggling to understand a word, however the only thing I struggled with was when the character Mellors was speaking in his Yorkshire accent. There were a few old fashioned words that I didn't know the meaning of but because I was reading on my kindle I could just touch the word and the meaning would come up which was really useful. I did find it quite amusing when a couple of my 'word of the week' words came up but at least I was familiar with them!

The story is about Lady Chatterley (Connie) and her discovery of herself, she seems like a feisty character and had a bit of 1920s girl power about her. Connie's upper class husband has been paralysed through a war injury and is therefore unable to physically please his wife. This causes tension between the two of them and she seeks love in other places, but what will happen when she decides to provide them with an heir to the Wragby estate? The book is quite raunchy in parts and rather than romantic I found it to be a bit crude, almost like the author was trying to shock the reader with his words! Worth a read if you are a fan of classics.

 I have now read 17 books out of my 50 book target so still have a long way to go but I am really enjoying spending more time reading and hope to get through at least 5 next month!
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