Saturday, 24 May 2014

Word of the week - Exhale

It has been a really busy few weeks, so busy that I have had hardly any time to blog and have just been catching up again this week.

We have had birthdays, including this Alice in Wonderland party We have had illnesses... I barely have a voice left through all the coughing! And we have had exams, daughter pulling her hair out with GCSE worries and son barely batting an eyelid (as boys don't) with his A Levels.

The half term is here again and I feel like I can finally breathe (with the aid of some lozenges) I have little planned but hope to fit in as much fun and relaxation (in equal measures) as possible and will be kicking it off by dressing as a schoolgirl for my friends St Trinians themed birthday party tonight!

For your information the word exhale comes from 1400 latin word exhalare meaning to breathe out.

How has your week been? Come and link up with #wotw hosted by Jocelyn over at the reading residence

The Reading Residence

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