Saturday, 31 May 2014

Positive pic of the week #9

This weeks positive pic is Juice.

As I have mentioned before I decided to do a two day detox to try and get myself under 10 stone and I am pleased to say that with a little help from this juice I managed to do it! Hopefully the hot dogs that I just ate don't push me back over again :/

I made the juice myself in a juicer and will put a post up in the next couple of days with the ingredients. Also the little milk bottles I purchased for my daughters birthday are a perfect size for a shot of juice. If you are trying to kick start a health routine or want to drop a few pounds I find juicing is a great way to start and if you get the right fruit and veg mix that don't taste too bad either!

If you have a pic of something positive that's happened in your week then please join in and post on the linky below...

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