Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My Prime 5 - Pet hates

What better way to start my prime 5 than by having a good old moan, it's better to get it all out in one go so we can move on to better and more positive things!

 I am quite an easy going person, I don't let too much bother me but like everybody I have a few pet hates, these are the top 5 things that bother me...

1. Buses - At the moment I am not driving so I don't have much choice than to get on the bus but everything about them annoys me! Waiting for one to turn up, when it turns up it's packed and you have to squeeze on, when they are so packed that the driver skips right past your bus stop without even a wave! Smelly people, the passengers that hold the bus up looking for their fare/oyster card, the ones that leave their kids to mess around and play on the stairs, the ones that sit on the outside seat leaving the window seat empty and the worst are the ones that put their bag on its own seat like its paid for it when they can see others want to sit down! I think I actually prefer walking, plus it is more healthy.

2. Shoppers -  I shop in most supermarkets but I have to say Iceland have the worst shoppers, you know those ones that fill their basket and then get into the queue only to put their basket down by the conveyor belt and carry on their shopping.This is always happening in there, I had an incident once where the woman in front of me disappeared, all the customers in front of her had gone and the checkout guy called me over, then out of nowhere she pushed past me with her extra food and muttered under her breathe 'don't let me start an argument in here today' I was shocked at her rudeness and felt like slapping her but I like to be the better person and ignored her, karma is a bitch!

3. Tagging - I hate it when Facebook friends tag me in pictures or statuses. It's bad enough when you are in the picture (usually drunk and looking really rough) but its when they tag pictures of themselves or their kids and put my name on it, why?? I am not in your picture and the rest of my fb members do not want to see it! Also those family members that want to tag themselves in all of my pictures, leave them alone, they are my pictures!

4. Alarms - That ringing sound in the morning when you are in the middle of a nice dream, it's just not natural! I am definitely not a morning person but will happily wake up to the sound of birds and sunlight shining through the window, instead its usually a really annoying beeping sound that I have to constantly snooze....Zzz

5. Smoking - I have never smoked and have never seen the point of it. My mum has smoked since she was 9yrs old and even now at 54 and with a lung disease she continues to do it. Growing up some kids will follow what their parents do and start smoking but others like me are completely put off. Most adults I know that smoke actually want to give up and I think more needs to be done to help them. What actually are the good points to it because I struggle to find any yet so many people start?

So those are the things that get on my nerves, what really irritates you?

Write your own post on your top 5 pet hates, add a My prime 5 badge and link up at the bottom of this post. The linky will be open for 2 weeks to give you plenty of time to join in
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  1. The Facebook tagging thing is so annoying ! The other halfs sister keeps tagging me in photos of her kids who I hardly even no and people on my timeline keep thinking they are my children and commenting on the photos it is so annoying I have started to remove the tags as I don't want photos of someone else's children all over my Facebook. This link is a fab idea I will have to join in when I get the chance x

    1. It has really put me off Facebook, I much prefer twitter where I don't actually know anybody in real life! The linky is open for two weeks so hope you do get a chance to join in x


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