Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bluebell Railway

Last week we spent the day at The Bluebell railways for a school trip as part of the topic of trains (we have been on this topic for a long time now!!)

I had never heard anything about The Bluebell Railways before our trip and didn't know what to expect. The class teacher asked if I could take photos and I thought we would just be taking a ride on a steam train and only need to take a couple of photos. I ended up with about 100 pictures (don't worry I didn't post them all on here) as there was actually so much to see.

The railway is situated near East Grinstead and it took us about 2 hours to travel there by coach from South London. It was a really long journey for the kids, so long in fact that we actually missed the train leaving the first station and had to keep on driving to try and catch it two stops up!

The train travels from Sheffield park - Horsted Keynes - Kingscote - East Grinstead and back again.

We made it to Kingscote as the train was pulling out again so had to wait and catch it on its return journey. Luckily there was a lovely eating area round the back of the station for us to sit and eat lunch.

Kingscote station has recently been refurbished to look like a typical 1950s style train station complete with old fashioned suitcases and advertisements and it looked really pretty...

After lunch we waited on the platform to watch the steam train approaching. There were quite a few old gentlemen that worked for the Bluebell railway and were on hand to give the children lots of information about the steam trains and the railway, they accompanied us on the journey and gave the children their own little tickets, that they then came round and stamped for them.

The journey was very smooth and comfortable considering it was such an old train and there were beautiful views out of the windows. The fact that we missed the train was probably quite a good thing as the children really enjoyed themselves without the journey being too long for them to get bored.

As we got back to Sheffield park we were taken on a tour to see all the old steam trains including the one that was used in The railway children. I am one of the few people that have never watched Downton Abbey but apparently part of it was filmed along The Bluebell Railway as well as a few other programmes/films.

Also at Sheffield park station is a lovely little museum with loads of information on the history of steam trains, small models of trains and even old clothes and hats for the kids to dress up as train drivers.

We were very lucky that it was a gloriously sunny day and we got to enjoy the outside space as well as the drive upon the steam train. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were worn out by the time we got back to school. If you have children that love trains (or if you love trains yourself) then this would make a lovely day out.

For more info and to find out what events are happening at The Bluebell Railways then visit their website.

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  2. I have passed the signs to the BlueBell line so many times, visiting the in laws. This has to be the perfect time to take advantage with bluebells everywhere. I'm sure every train enthusiast would enjoy this ride with the stunning views. Sounds like a very pleasant school trip. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    1. It was a lovely school trip but I would like to go back and enjoy the area and relax without having the time restrictions, maybe during the summer holidays :)

  3. My son loves train more than anything. I think its the speed without being starp in his car seat and the views thats fast! Lovely love photos and I sure its a nice experiece too! #CountryKids

    1. It is a lovely experience for kids, especially if they love trains!

  4. Lovely! If it were nearer to me, I'd be there like a shot! ��

    1. If you do ever get the chance it's definitely worth a visit!


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